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My PS3 does not display a output on my home TV in Wigan through the HDMI cable?

This could be due to one of 2 problems, either a software issue, or a problem with the ports on your console. The professional engineers can effectively diagnose and repair this issue with your PS3.

We can collect your PS3 from Wigan in Manchester via insured courier.

Is the YLOD fix for Wigan permanent?

Customers should note that the PS3 ylod repairs for Wigan by courier service or post are not permanent due to motherboard warpage and how often you use PS3.

Also the solder used in the PS3 is lead-free due to EU safety standards. Unfortunately this will crack over time and is a known manufacturer defect.

Will I get a warranty if the PlayStation 3 has been opened beforehand?

We do offer warranties for a PS3 repairs covering Wigan where the unit has been tampered with but the warranty length can be reduced for any reason.

Do you repair PS3 accessories from Wigan?

We do not repair damaged PS3 controllers or gaming peripherals from Wigan.

Area covered : Wigan

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This map illustrates Wigan. We may only cover Wigan area with a postal, call-out, courier pick-up/drop off service.

PlayStation 3 Repair Wigan

The team offer a PS3 repair service if you are near Wigan or anywhere in the UK, as insured couriers can collect the PS3 from you.

The professional couriers employed will bring your PS3 to the large, modern repair centre where expert engineers will repair it, test it and deliver it back, usually within 5 working days.

A warranty is included, for up to 3 months (subject to inspection for third party tampering), which covers PS3 repairs and any replacement parts used, for your peace of mind.

Please call the team during business hours (0900 - 1800 Monday to Friday or 1000 - 1400 Saturday to Sunday) to arrange your PS3 collection from Wigan so we can get it repaired to a manufacturer approved standard.

We can also contact you back if you want, just fill in the form and we will get back shortly by email or phone.

We do not offer hardware or software modifications for any PlayStation 3 from Wigan.

PS3 Repair Wigan in Manchester

The PS3 is the most powerful game console on the console market with built-in wifi capability and blu-ray capabilities. Replacing a PS3 can be costly and time consuming process which is why the expert engineers offer to repair it for a fraction of the price.

They offer insured courier collection for your PS3 repair from Wigan in Manchester or anywhere in the UK mainland. All PlayStation 3 consoles are repaired in purpose built repair centres using the specialist equipment and industry approved repair techniques.

The team are so confident about the standard of repair that they offer a 3 month warranty with PlayStation 3 repairs. The prices are very competitive and have no hidden costs.

Below are the most common PS3 problems encountered by customers in Wigan that the technicians can repair.

PS3 Yellow Light Of Death: If your PS3 quickly flashes yellow and then has a red flashing light when you power it on, you will require a professional repair. A repair is also required if you have freezing graphics, random sound issues or overheating problems.

PS3 Drive Mechanism: Your PS3 may not accept disks or eject. Also if you have lodged something inside the disk slot this may have damaged the mechanism so a repair will be needed.

PS3 HDMI Port Replacement: This repair will need to be done if you have damaged the port at the back of the PS3 by yanking the wire out at an angle.

PS3 Bluray Laser Replacement: If your PS3 will not read games or Blurays the laser will need to be replaced inside the console with a brand new one.

PS3 Wi-Fi Repair: If your PS3 controllers do not sync to your PS3 or you cannot connect to your wireless network we offer a repair for this.

PS3 Full service: The technicians can clean the inside of your PS3 out with professional cleaning equipment and tools, and replace any of the minor parts that wear over time.

To find further information on PS3 faults and how the technicians can repair them, please visit the PS3 faults page.

If you require any more information or want to arrange a PS3 repair near Wigan in Manchester, please call us and the team will be happy to help. Alternatively you can fill in the enquiry form and a member of staff will contact you to discuss your PS3 repair.

PS3 Repair Service throughout the UK including Wigan in Manchester by insured couriers

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excellent service will use again if i have too and would certainly recommend

Score 5 out of 5

i didn"t bother getting alternative quotes as i was so impressed with the turn around time. my ps3 was collected wednesday, fixed thursday and returned by friday.

Score 4.8 out of 5

swift response and good service, i will use you again, hopefully not too soon!

Score 4.6 out of 5

really happy with the turnaround and service

Score 4.6 out of 5

ylod sorted at a good price and within a week of it bein collected

Score 4.2 out of 5

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think its the ylod comes one goes pale green then three beeps then off with red light flashing.


not powering on and red light flashing


console freezes on startup.


was playing game and ps3 crashed. tried to turn on after a couple of hours in case it was overheating.powers on then yellow light flashes quickly and red light then blinksheld the eject button and turned on ps3 to test psu. working fine.took out hard drive and tried again. so hard drive finealso do i need to send hard drive with ps3 as i dont have any7 of my save games backed up


light will turn green then quickly flash yellow


wont read discs. dvd,s blurays cd`s or games


i turn the console on then in 1 2 secs it goes off flashing red i think its called ylodthnx az


ps3 will not accept disc or eject proplerly.


it`s ylod goes green then yellow then red