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PS3 not playing games, DVDs or CDs

Having problems playing games on your PlayStation 3?

From the engineers experience, this is probably the second most common problem with the PlayStation 3. Over time the PS3 just completely refuses to play game discs, DVDs, CDs or Blu-rays.

Common symptoms regarding this problem include:

• PS3 games taking ages to load or require multiple attempts.
• Blu-ray movies freeze whilst you are watching them
• Games are not being recognised
• The PS3 will only play DVDs

PS3 laser replacement service
PS3 laser replacement

These problems are related to a faulty PlayStation 3 laser in need of replacement. Their are three different types of laser: a single eye for the original PS3, a double eye for the newer "fat models" and a more advanced double eye for the PS3 slim.

The engineers have many years in the games console repair industry, they have replaced hundreds of lasers on all models of PS3 in the fully equipped repair centres. Each replaced PS3 laser comes with a warranty and your PS3 is fault tested before being sent back. The team always emphasise quality over quick fixes.

Typical turnaround times for PlayStation 3 laser replacement are just 5 working days and you will not be charged extortionate amounts (no hidden charges or fees)

PS3 not reading games but playing Blu-ray discs

However before proceeding with a PS3 laser replacement repair, have you checked if the PS3 can read blu-ray movies? The team are surprised by the number of phone calls regarding PS3 not reading games only for the issue not to be the laser. Obviously if the PS3 can still read Blu-ray movies then the laser is not at fault.

The cause of this problem is normally a corrupted hard drive caused by a failed update which can be resolved with a hard drive format. It is important to note that formatting your PS3 will result in your losing all save data, profiles and files on your PS3.

Warning on DIY PS3 repairs

Do not be fooled by PS3 DIY repair guides or videos on the internet. If you do not have the correct equipment, parts or training then you are highly likely to damage other key components in your PlayStation 3 during a repair.

Posted : 10/05/2013 10:39:23